Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Network performance related issues: isolate the network

Over the years I've worked on a few problems revolving around the network itself. What I'd like to do is first throw down a gauntlet around performance testing environments and the #1 factor is to have an isolated network. This means that the only traffic going across the wire/routers/switches are only related to traffic in the performance test.

For example, one time we had spent the day troubleshooting functional problems in the application. We finally got a good build and set up to start our baseline performance test later that night. We kicked off the test around 20h00 and about 2 hours into the test our response times were tanking into the several seconds range. I could not find any problems on the application server or the Web server tier. A little digging around and I found out the load generators were placed in a location remote from the test environment. At around 22h00 network backups kicked off as it was their policy to backup their servers at night. Good idea to run backups at night but because our load generators were sharing the same network their response times went down the drain. We had to break off our test and we all left the office around 23h00 when it was clear that it would take several hours to relocate the load generators onto the same switch as the isolated performance test environment.

There is nothing more disappointing than gearing up for a test in the evening only to have it been a waste of time (both mine and the good folks I was working with) much less keeping everyone away from their families. The reason the load generators were remotely located was because managers did not give the local team the time they needed to move them. As it was, we had to move them and had to take the hit to the testing schedule to do it.

Moral of the story, make sure every piece of the performance test environment is isolated from the rest of the organizational network. Otherwise testing will be inconclusive.

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