Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do you have the capacity for holiday shopping season 2008?

Ironic is probably not the right term. I believe there was a problem in the air once over Canada over a similar situation where the plane was running out of fuel because the guy tanking up the plane was using one unit of measure and the person ordering the fuel used another.

That probably isn't the case for Amtrak. But this story brought to mind a question... do you have enough fuel (capacity) for the upcoming holiday shopping season? It is the end of August. By my rough estimate we probably have about another 2 months before the 2008 online holiday shopping season begins. If you haven't already run the numbers on your capacity I would highly recommend at least reviewing them right now. Be sure you have the horsepower to let your end users have a pleasant shopping experience.

Amtrak train runs out of fuel, stranded 2 hours - USATODAY.com
It was the little engine that couldn't — because it was thirsty for fuel.
Otherwise you could find yourself having some pretty severe strain in the server environment.

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