Thursday, May 22, 2008

JVM memory and high CPU

In the "Butterfly Effect" a butterfly flapping it's wings on one side of the world can create a typhoon on the other.

In the world of Java: memory usage can cause high CPU. Summer of 2007 I spent 3 weeks working with a customer in the UK and we spent a few days measuring the memory usage of the application. We worked with the developers at reducing the memory footprint. In many cases these were simple code changes not requiring architectural or design changes to the app.

Reducing an application's memory footprint reduces the amount of garbage collection the JVM needs to execute. GC will use up CPU so obviously executing fewer GC cycles reduces the CPU load.

The UK application went from about 80+% CPU down to 25-30% for the exact same load test and better response times.

Verbose GC is your friend here too. Another application I'm looking at right now is suffering from high CPU and we can see in verbose GC that during these high CPU events the JVM is actively GCing because it is running low on memory. Obviously the memory settings need to be changed here but I wonder if we spent some time profiling the app and reducing its footprint if we wouldn't have to? I guess it depends if they will take the time to work on this effort.

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