Friday, September 12, 2008

Code for resiliency - validate input

Scenario 1
I was speaking with one of my colleagues about problems they were seeing with an application. It seems that if the user typed alphabetic characters where a number was expected the application choked, died and rolled over.

I was amazed. "Don't they validate their input?" I asked. Depending on your view point surprisingly they didn't.

Always, always validate user input. If expecting a name make sure it doesn't contain characters you don't normally see in names (i.e. Joe123). If expecting a zipcode make sure it is formatted properly. But never just take the input from the user and pass it on to the next layer.

In addition, validating input will help prevent XSS attacks.

Scenario 2
You're running a B2x Web service and have complex XML documents. But modern day parsers are vulnerable to malformed XML that can contain circular references.

Acquire DataPower and have it front your Web services. DataPower has incredibly good XML validation and is able to prevent DoS attacks from malformed XML.

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