Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Do you run WebSphere? Then you need this diagnostic tool!

IBM: IBM Support Assistant

I have used this tool (and its predecessors) so frequently I don't go anywhere without it/them. Not only does it produce handy little graphs like the one above showing Java GC but it also provides some darned good analysis on recommended changes to the JVM command line parameters (especially if you're running on WAS v6.0.x or earlier which do not run on Java 1.5) to improve your memory utilization. Now, of course, you can only get this kind of feedback from the tool if you followed one of my earlier recommendations to turn on verbose GC. You have turned on verbose GC by now, right? If you haven't then you have to go and do that right now.

So, go to the link for the IBM Support Assistant and download this tool.